About Stork Vision Omaha



  We provide a unique, one-of-a-kind, bonding experience between mom, dad, siblings, family, friends, and baby

  • No need to strain your neck to view the small ultrasound screen, in the sterile exam room, with the buzzing overhead lights and the cold uncomfortable table covered only with a scratchy white roll of medical paper.
  • Instead, view your ultrasound on our 60" flat-screen TV in our comfortable, living-room-like environment complete with two full-size couches and a memory-foam bed for mom's comfort!
  • Want to include the siblings in this memorable experience?! No problem! We even provide toys to help entertain the little ones! 


   "What is the difference between a Stork Vision ultrasound and my healthcare provider's ultrasound?"

  • Your doctor/midwife will order a complete diagnostic ultrasound (aka: "fetal survey", "fetal anatomy scan", "anatomy scan")This exam allows your healthcare provider to gather valuable information regarding your baby and his/her environment.
  • Using an extensive protocol of images and measurements, the diagnostic ultrasound ensures baby is achieving proper growth and development
  • Stork Vision does not provide complete diagnostic ultrasounds; the diagnostic information obtained by us is limited to fetal position, heart rate, and fluid adequacy
  • All of our ultrasounds are reviewed by our Medical Director: a board-certified, metro-area Ob/Gyn
  • If an abnormality is suspected during an appointment, this information is communicated directly to the Medical Director who will then contact the client's healthcare provider


  Proof of Prenatal Care Required                                        

  • We require all expectant mothers to be under the care of a prenatal health care provider (Midwife/Doctor)
  • You do not need to get consent from your provider to book an appointment with Stork Vision, we will take care of that for you
  • Simply bring in proof of prenatal care in the form of an ultrasound picture from the current pregnancy, an appointment card, prescription prenatal vitamins, etc.,,,,, We will make a copy to keep in your file


 **An ultrasound performed at Stork Vision does not replace the diagnostic ultrasound ordered by your healthcare provider**